10 Experts All Restaurant Managers Should Be Following in 2019

Running a restaurant is no easy task. As a restaurant manager, finding the time to research the latest trends and tips for success can be difficult – not to mention another plate that you’ll have to spin! However, why spend time and resources doing this when there are experts curating and posting all of this online? If you’re following the right people, you’ll always stay up-to-date with the latest trends, articles, opinion pieces and tips. This is when Twitter can be a restaurant managers best friend.

We’ve previously put together lists of experts for hospitality, sommeliers and bartenders – and now we’re doing it again! Here are ten of our favourite experts, that all restaurant managers need to be following this year.

David Gonynor @thatsbiz

Marketing expert David Gonynor shared his passion for the restaurant industry with tonnes of helpful articles, thought pieces and tips that every restaurant manager would find useful. David has one goal in mind – to help you attract new customers and drive repeat visits.

Barbara Castiglia @bcastiglia44

We’ve mentioned Barbara in our other lists of experts, and there’s a good reason we’re mentioning her again! With her finger on the pulse of all the latest trends in the restaurant industry, if she’s not on your radar – she should be!

Bruce Irving @Irvingmedia

If you’re looking for a slice inspirartion, then look no further than Bruce Irving. This marketing expert started Smart Pizza Marketing to help restaurant managers discover how to reach more customers and keep them coming back for more.

Jim Sullivan @Sullivision

Since 1999, Jim Sullivan has been helping people in the industry grow from good to great. From workshops to videos and helpful tips and articles that he shares on his social, Jim is a leader in the space that should be on all restaurant manager’s radar.

Alan Liddle @AJ_NRN

Alan Liddle has been a staple leader in the restaurant industry since 1984, sharing vital research and news at Nation’s Restaurant News. Don’t miss out on following him!

David Scott Peters @RestaurantXpert

A voice for independent restaurant owners and managers, David shares opinion pieces, articles and news of all the latest trends and tips in the industry.

Ana Cvetkovic @anatweetsnow

Another favourite expert that we’ve mentioned before is CEO of Bloom Digital Marketing Ana Cvetkovic. Sharing tips and articles to help restaurant managers reach millennials – with a mixture of articles, thought pieces and helpful guides on tools which can help you save time.

Jaime Oikle @JaimeOikle

Helping restaurants succeed and thrive, Jaime’s twitter offers marketing, operational, service, people and tech tips for restaurant managers looking to grow in the industry.

Aaron Allen @QMG

Restaurant consultant Aaron Allen is a third-generation restaurateur, who quite literally grew up in the industry. With his passion for the sector he has his pulse on everything restaurant related and is sharing it with the world.

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas

If you’re looking for marketing inspiration then Jeff Bullas is the account you’re searching for! We’ve shared his account before as it’s full of marketing tips and insights that he shares constantly – someone that every restaurant manager should be following.

And that’s the list! We hope we’ve helped you come across some truly inspiration accounts to help you on your journey as a restaurant manager. Are there any experts you think we left out? Tweet us and let us know who we should be keeping on our radar.

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