10 of the Best Wine Accounts All Aspiring Sommeliers Need to Follow

Wine is fundamentally photogenic. So, when it comes to wine and social media, particularly Instagram, they go together to form a perfect match. After all, who doesn’t love a shot of merlot, trendy wine cellar or sun filled vineyard to brighten their day up! For aspiring sommeliers, this influx of influencers and experts sharing their knowledge on social media is an invaluable resource. You can brush up on wine facts, discover new wineries or even discover some new pairing for dishes.

With that being said, we’re here with ten of the best wine accounts to help inspire you on your journey on becoming a world class sommelier.

Chris Kissack @chris_kissack

Chris Kissack is a well know wine writer and wine judge. People probably know him best for his website thewinedoctor.com – where he writes about two of the world’s great wine regions, Bordeaux and the Loire Valley.

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Tim Atkin @timatkinmw

UK based writer Tim Atkin has over 33 years of experience in the wine industry. Sharing glimpses into his travels across wine regions and the producers of wine, his feed is an essential resource to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge.

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Jamie Goode @drjamiegoode

Wine critic, blogger and author Jamie Goode shares his wine obsession with the world! With content ranging from travel, food and wine, travel, book reviews and tasting notes – you’ll never get bored with the incredible insights and photos he shares.

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Jancis Robinson @jancisrobinson

Editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson is arguably one of the top influencers in the industry. Jancis travels the world trying and reviewing different wines, sharing her experiences along the way across her social media and on her website.

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Julie Brosterman @colorofwine

Co-Founder of Women & Wine, Julie Brosterman is no stranger to great content that packs a punch, often followed by a giggle! If you’re looking for a mixture of informative posts, followed by pun-derful wordplay posts and a good wine meme, look no further.

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Michelle Williams @rockinredblog

Freelance writer and blogger, Michelle Williams is the considered by most as one of the top authorities in wine. Sharing her travels via her social media, she takes us along to experience the different wine regions, tasting the very best that they have to offer.

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Demi Cassiani @demi_cassiani

Looking through Demi Cassiani’s feed, it’s clear to see that he enjoys the finer things in life. With a mixture of food, wine and the perfect pairing of the two – his photos are never far from a beach or exotic location. This is a must follow account to spice up your feed!

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Olly Smith @ollysmith

A familiar face on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen, Olly Smith is no stranger to sharing his knowledge with the world. Arguably one of the UK’s most well-known wine experts, his enthusiasm and devotion to the world of wine (and alcoholic beverages of all kinds) is truly infectious.

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Daniel Bayer @wein_verstehen

Exploring wines from all over the world, podcaster and blogger Daniel Bayer is someone that you need to be following. With his pulse on everything wine, he’s an up and comer that has a lot to offer.

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Magnus Reuterdahl @reuterdahl

Wine writer and lover Magnus Reuterdahl is sharing his passion and knowledge in his native Sweden. Not only will you get some incredible wine shots with his feed, you’ll also get some mouth-watering shots of food and the odd landscape or art shot too!

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And that’s the list! We hope we’ve helped you come across some truly inspiration accounts to help you on your journey as a sommelier. Are there any wine experts or influencers that you follow that we left out? Tweet us and let us know who we should be keeping on our radar.

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