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Blended learning

Combine eLearning with traditional training, all from one tool

Types of training that you can combine in one session

Video calls

With Innform you conduct personalised and realtime training using conference tools like Zoom and Google Meet.

On site training

Organise on-location events, incorporate them into your training programme and upload learner results.


Add a content-rich course made with videos, images, text, Powerpoint presentations or SCORM.

Courses + Quizzes

Find out if your learners are absorbing your training with a course with a quiz. Great for certification!


Assign a stand-alone quiz to learn more about your learner’s knowledge on particular area.


Share important company information with your learners with a searchable, content-rich manual.

Connect your Zoom & Teams Account

Real-time training just got easier! You can now connect your Zoom and Teams account to Innform and invite your learners to a live training session.

“A great tool …. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.“

Eva Urlings, COO at BAVET

Learning paths

Create a series of courses and quizzes that are assigned automatically to your learners

Customise a series of courses and quizzes, your way.

Use Learning Paths to string together a series of courses and quizzes that will be delivered to your learners automatically. Set it and forget it.

Integrate with your existing tools

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Automate assignments

Let Innform reassign training to your learners when their fail a quiz or are overdue.

Auto-freeze learners

Tell Innform when you want specific user accounts to be deactivated, and pause payment for those accounts..

Automate certification

Innform can automatically assign compliance training to your learners so they are always certified on mandatory training.


Remind admins and learners to complete certain tasks, like assign a course, finish a quiz or start a learning path.

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