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Learning paths

Save valuable time by automating a sequence of training items. Have Innform take care of the rest.

Blended learning

Mix courses, calls, quizzes, manuals and events – with prep courses and quizzes – all in one assignment.


Tell Innform which training items to assign and when, every time a new learner joins your organisation.


Track all mandatory certified training your organisation in one simple dashboard. Automate reassignments.


Tell Innform to reassign a course automatically every time a learner fails a quiz.


Automatically convert your multilingual text-based course content into audio. Learners can listen to the course.

Automated translations

With instant translation tools, trainers can translate courses with one click, straight from the authoring tool.

Freeze or unfreeze learners

Control your billing by deactivating learners whenever they’re not training. You won’t pay for inactive learners.

Here are some popular Track
use-cases for admins

Everything you need in one package

And there’s more!


Connect Innform to your existing HR software stack. Automate parts of your workflow to free up valuable time.


Ask Innform to remind your learners in app or via email, every time there is a training deadline approaching.

Convert course to manual

Innform can convert your training courses into manuals, once the learner completes the course.


Add an optional deadline to courses so learners complete it by a certain date. Send reminders when learners forget.

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