Create training with the ultimate Authoring tool

Upload video, create interactive elements, add quizzes and more.

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Create training with the ultimate Authoring Tool

Video training

Create your custom video training by uploading your video courses into the Innfom authoring tool.

SCORM import/export

With Innform, you can import existing SCORM courses, or export Innform courses in the SCORM format.

Multiple training types

Choose from up to 6 training item types, including course, quiz, course with quiz, manuals, training events and live calls.

Live training calls

Organise individual or group live training calls with learners in Innform using the video conferencing tool of your choice.

Training events

Set up physical training events such as classroom or off-site sessions. Upload attendance sheets and results in Innform.

Styling tools

Style your text-based courses, create lists, quotes, highlight important text, change the colour of your text and more.


Incorporate visual elements from other sources or websites using and HTML embed code. Ex: Youtube, Twitter posts.

Interactive elements

Give your learners an engaging training expierience by introducing interactive elements like Hotspots.

Version control

Roll back to previous versions of your training items or undo recent changes from the authoring tool.

Multilingual training

Innform is completely multilingual. Both the user interface of the platform and training content are multilingual.


Set up custom certification with auto-generated certificates using Innform’s course authoring tool.


Create quizzes to test your learners’ knowledge, using a variety of question types, like multiple choice or open ended.

Here’s what your learners will experience

Everything you need in one package

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Automatically convert your multilingual text-based course content into audio. Learners can listen to the course.

Add Typeform modules

Build trackable courses and quizzes using your existing Typeform forms in Innform, with one click.

Free photo library

Use Innform’s royalty-free image library to populate courses with engaging images.

Collaborate with Trainers

Invite trainers and other admins to help you create, manage and assign your company’s training items.

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