Automate training globally with Innform Enterprise

Innform is the all-in-one hospitality training software built to help you automate and scale your training across multiple properties and locations.

Online hospitality staff training made simple.

Innform is the all-in-one hospitality LMS. Create your training or start with readymade courses.

Easy setup • Cancel any time

innform review
innform review

Full visibility of ongoing global training

A bird’s-eye view of training progress across multiple properties and locations.

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“Innform eliminates many of the cumbersome processes that do not add value to an LMS, and focusses on a great experience for both the learner and the administrator.”

Marina Salar, HR Manager

innform enterprise
innform enterprise

Effortlessly create, organise and translate training

Create all your company’s training material in different languages, assign them to your global workforce from one place.

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“Since switching to Innform, we’ve been able to track our learner’s progress by their groups or location. This lets us see the big picture and make decisions faster.”

Michael Böhler, General Manager

Integrate, automate or build with your favourite tools

Free up time across your organisation by automating your employees’ learning and development journey.

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“A great tool specialized in e-learning for hospitality. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.”

Eva Urlings, COO

innform enterprise

Readymade hospitality video training

Assign readymade, multilingual video courses to your learners.

Help with importing learners and content

Innform can help you add your learners and courses onto the learning platform.

innform custom featuresinnform custom features

Scale Innform with custom features

Innform is designed to evolve with your changing business challenges.

Your security and compliance needs covered

Innform Enterprise provides above industry standard security to protect your work and data. We are EU hosted, GDPR compliant and provide enhanced protection features such as Single Sign-On and access locks to secure projects.

A customer experience you’ll love

Start with Innform Enterprise

Automate your global hospitality training process.

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