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Innform Onboarding Feature

Simple, customisable and automated

Onboarding features to save you time

Save valuable time

Use Learning Paths to string together a series of courses and quizzes that will be delivered to your learners automatically. Set it and forget it.

Re-use onboarding bundles

You only need to set up onboarding once. When it’s done, you can reuse it at any time. Duplicate it to create a similar onboarding bundle in seconds.

Track onboarding from one place

Innform makes it easy for admins and trainers to track their leaners’ progress. Simply go to the Track section and see how they’re doing with onboarding.

Multilingual onboarding

Cater for your international teams by automatically translating your onboarding courses in different languages. Your learners can also switch the language.

“A great tool …. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.“

Eva Urlings, COO at BAVET

Control who gets trained and when

Tell Innform when you’d like the onboarding items to roll out

Set it and forget it.

Tell Innform when each training item should roll out. For example, you can allow a few days between the completion of one course and another.

Record Zoom training calls

Organise live training calls using Zoom and record the video call so that learners can view it later.

Auto-reassign training

Let Innform reassign training to your learners when their fail a quiz or are overdue.

Automate certification

Innform can automatically assign compliance training to your learners so they are always certified on mandatory training.


Remind admins and learners to complete certain tasks, like assign a course, finish a quiz or start a learning path.

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