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Innform Learner Experience

Social, Gamified and self-paced.

Learning with Innform is a two-way street

Gamification features


With Innform’s leaderboards, learners can climb up the ranks the more training they complete.


Award high-performing learners with badges based on their achievements and training performance.


Learners are awarded points with every question they answer correctly, or course they complete..

Goal cards

The learner goals dashboard keeps everyone aware of what’s next, and how can they level-up.


Give learners a way to challenge each other with fun yet engaging quizzes that boosts their learning.

Feedback cards

Innform learners are notified about pivotal moments in their learning experience like successful certification.

Social learning features

Discussion board

Innform learners have the possibility to start a platform-wide discussion about any aspect of their training.

Chat with trainer

Give learners the possibility to ask a question to their trainer, directly, and at any point in their learning process.

Upvote answers

Useful discussion board answers are upvoted by the community of learners and thereby ensuring relevance.


Update your learners with important news and announcements with the Messages feature.

Ask questions

Reinforce your learner’s learning journey by allowing them to post questions to the community of learners.

Provide feedback

Give trainers and admins the possibility to participate and provide feedback via discussions and messaging.

Training items


Custom courses consist of a series of modules with text, images, videos and audio. They can consist quizzes.


Stand-alone quizzes are made up of multiple question types and can be used for testing and certification.

Courses + quizzes

With Innform you can create a course with multiple quizzes, that can be placed at any point in the course.

Live online training

Set up live training calls with your learners using Zoom or Microsoft Teams, record the call for later viewing.


Assign a stand-alone quiz to learn more about your learner’s knowledge on particular area.

On-site training

Organise on-site training events using Innform. Provide a time and place, update attendance and scores later.

“A great tool …. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.“

Eva Urlings, COO at BAVET

Multilingual and customisable

Customise your learning area to match your corporate image and culture

Customisations include language, colours, logos and integrations

Tweak your Innform learning experience so that it looks on-brand and familiar to your learners.

Record Zoom training calls

Organise live training calls using Zoom and record the video call so that learners can view it later.

Calendar reminders

Let learners save important training assignments to their calendars so they never miss a deadline.

Automate certification

Innform can automatically assign compliance training to your learners so they are always certified on mandatory training.

Learner file uploads

With Innform, learners can upload images and videos during quizzes to demonstrate completed tasks.

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