The Ultimate Guide to Delegating Your Global E-learning Process


If your business is global, then your Learning Management System is one of the best tools to leverage when it comes guiding your company forward. E-learning for every staff member not only brings teams together and focuses them on your business goals, but it can also take the heavy-lifting out of creating courses, teaching employees […]

The Essential E-learning Courses Your Staff Need To Get Back To Serving Customers


Whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely that COVID-19 has put a severe dent in your business – and if any part of your operations involves direct interaction with your clients, you might want to consider giving employees an e-learning boost training-wise right now. It’s been tough for customer service staff recently. Worries about job security, […]

Preparation And Future-Proofing: Mitigate Disruption To Your Business Now And In The Future.

Of all the magical things a company could need, it’s probably safe to say that a crystal ball to see into the future would be pretty high up the list. Just imagine. Think of all the scenarios you could prepare for, the response plans you could have prepped and pending, and the smart moves you […]

Experiencing Forced Downtime? Here Are Five Things You Can Do To Make The Best Of It.


Right now, like many other businesses and organisations all over the world, you’ll likely be facing a series of unique challenges. Being quick to adapt is one way to stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic, but even if you’ve implemented a series of responsive changes, you still may be experiencing some forced downtime. Perhaps you […]

Did Covid-19 disrupt your employee training? Here’s how to get back on track with eLearning.

innform LMS

In such a short space of time, both our social and our working lives have been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Wherever you are in the world, your business and your usual ways of working are likely to have been turned upside down. New routes and processes need determining amid lockdown restrictions, government directives are […]

Five Signs That It’s Not You, It’s Your LMS


Investing in your hospitality company is always a smart move, and investing in the training and development of your workforce is a crucial step toward better business operations. One of the best ways to boost productivity, job satisfaction among employees and improve internal communications is to implement a Learning Management System, or LMS, which delivers […]

Training For Diversity: Why You Need to Build a Business Case


There’s perhaps never been a better time to fully embrace the benefits of collaboration and inclusion when it comes to overcoming training challenges. Diversity, whether it is present in social groups or commercial enterprises, truly opens us up to different perspectives and raises a broader range of useful questions. It offers the opportunity to consider […]

eLearning For Your Front Of House Hospitality Business

hospitality elearning

First impressions count, and when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry, it’s in your interest to ensure that your front of house team has the skills to provide the best impression of your establishment. You’ve probably found while hiring that some folks are naturals – well presented, great with people and able to […]

Innform LMS Is Gearing Up To Help Companies Impacted By Covid-19 Disruption: Price Reductions, Free Courses And New Features.


Since Innform LMS began helping companies with their online training, we have been made to feel right at home within industries that have for many years cultivated many inspiring businesses, customer experiences and workforces. We feel proud to have partnered with some of the most innovative customer-centric companies, and built some special relationships in the […]