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Addressing The LMS Needs of Your Learner

We’ve covered plenty of topics on our blog related to Learning Management Systems and eLearning. However, today, we’d like to zoom in precisely on your LMS end-user: the online learner and what they might need to follow their courses successfully.  Addressing your learner’s needs is a crucial element in an effective online training strategy, and…

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Best of Both Worlds: Formal & Informal Learning With An LMS

Formal learning, either through classroom-based lessons or utilising a LMS, are part and parcel of acquiring new knowledge or mastering a new skill. Yet whether it’s at the workplace or in your leisure time, did you know that the vast majority of skill uptake happens through real-time experience?  We call this kind of learning ‘informal…

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2021 Recovery: Embracing The LMS Post-Covid 19

2020 was a year like no other, with the coronavirus pandemic making the LMS an essential solution to companies around the world. Things have been tremendously difficult, and while vaccine development offers some light at the end of the tunnel, it’s unlikely we’ll be returning to ‘normal’ anytime soon. It’s likely that COVID-19 has changed…