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innform review
innform review

Create custom training

Create unlimited training modules, quizzes or upload SCORM files.

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“Innform eliminates many of the cumbersome processes that do not add value to an LMS, and focusses on a great experience for both the learner and the administrator.”

Marina Salar, HR Manager

Track the big picture

Stay in control of everyone’s training. Train and track people wherever they are.

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“Since switching to Innform, we’ve been able to track our learner’s progress by their groups or location. This lets us see the big picture and make decisions faster.”

Michael Böhler, General Manager

Turn on autopilot

Benefit from automation. 
Win back time for fruitful decision making.

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“A great tool specialized in e-learning for hospitality. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.”

Eva Urlings, COO

Readymade courses

Start training instantly. Choose from a 
library of online video courses.

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A super-easy LMS

Create, assign and track training with an award winning user experience.

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Flexible billing

Only pay for active users. Control your monthly bill in low seasons.

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