All-in-one online
hospitality training.

Automate and monitor training for your entire
workforce with Innform LMS.

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The all-in-one
online hospitality training tool.

Everything you need to train your staff, in one place.

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Train and track globally

Stay in control of everyone’s training. 
Develop and monitor people wherever they are.

Simplify compliance

Never worry about compliance again. Let Innform manage it with multilingual CPD courses.


Put your admin tasks on autopilot.
Win back time for fruitful decision making.

Build training content

Create media-rich training manuals, courses and quizzes or upload SCORM files.

Access online classes

Start training instantly. Choose from a library of online classes, at no extra cost.


Make your LMS look like your company.
Update logos and brand colours.

Here’s how it works

Reliable training for employees.
Simplified for management.

Everything, in one tool

Readymade multilingual videos

Start training your staff instantly with Innform’s multilingual hospitality video courses.

Compliance training (CPD)

Automate compliance training and certification for your global hospitality workforce with Innform’s CPD accredited courses.

Create your own training

Innform offers comprehensive authoring functionality to create media rich courses, quizzes and training manuals.

Tracking and reporting

Stay on top of everything by tracking your staff’s progress with detailed results and insights into their training progress.


Don’t spend countless hours assigning training to your staff – set it and forget it with Innform’s learning paths and automated inductions.

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Full control on monthly spend

Replace users

Optimise your monthly spend by replacing outgoing staff members with new hires on Innform with one click.

Pause user accounts

Temporarily pause the accounts of users who are leaving your team temporarily. Resume it when they are back. You do not pay for the account when it is paused.

Archive or delete users at any time

Remove users from the system by archiving or deleting the account completely. You do not pay for archived accounts.

Set an auto-archive date

Take complete control of your future spending by telling Innform to automatically archive specific users on a given date. You can do this during new user registration.

Easy to set up

Bulk import

Invite your entire workforce into Innform with one click.

SMS invitations

Invite your non-desk or temporal staff by SMS using their mobile number.

SCORM support

Import your SCORM files (1.2 & 2004) into Innform and assign and track them instantly just like any other course.

Customise your brand in minutes

Change your logo and brand colours in minutes, giving your staff a branded training experience from day 1.

We’ll help you switch

If you’d like to switch from your current LMS to Innform, our team provide free guidance along every step.

What people say about Innform

Don’t just take our word for it!

Beth F.

HR Manager

Rolling out a Learning Management System can be daunting… the team at Innform made it easier!


Alex W.

General Manager

Hospitality staff training is something we take very seriously here, and we feel Innform share that with us.


Michael B.

Hospitality Trainer

My groups are very open to Innform, and with its mobility I can train them without travelling physically.


Frequently asked questions

Is Innform’s compliance training certified?

Yes, every compliance course within Innform is CPD certified. Your learners will receive a globally valid certificate upon successful completion of their training.

Can you help me with content creation?

Yes, one of our customer success managers can guide you through every step of uploading or creating content using Innform.

Can I stop paying for staff if they leave temporarily?

Yes, Innform promises fair and flexible pricing. This allows you to pause user accounts whenever they leave your team temporarily. You can also replace an outgoing user with a new user, so you can make use of any prepaid time on that account in the current billing cycle. You will also be able to archive a user, or delete them completely, thereby stopping payment for that account. We are also working on a feature that allows admins to set and ‘expiration date’ on an account. This means you can automate the removal of a user well ahead of time.

What readymade courses will you be releasing?

We are working on a number of hard and soft skills video training courses including management and leadership courses. Get in touch to suggest a course and we’ll make sure to consider producing it with an expert and making it available on Innform in the weeks to come!

Which languages will be supported?

Innform currently supports English, Spanish, German and Chinese (traditional). We will be adding other languages, including French, on a monthly basis. Get in touch to enquire about future languages.

Can I train multiple teams from one account?

Yes. With Innform you can group your workforce into several groups. People can be grouped by location, position, seniority etc. Once you set up your groups you can assign and track your groups with one click. You will also be able to organise your reporting into groups to understand trends. To improve delegation, Innform allows you to an admin to specific groups.

Does Innform work on Mobile devices?

Yes, Innform is a mobile first product and works great on any phone or tablet!

Do I need to install anything to use Innform?

Not at all, you can start using Innform right after signing up with zero IT skills required. Signing up to Innform takes just a few seconds!

We promise fair and flexible pricing.

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