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Monitor your workforce training progress from one place. Export reports, set reminders, track compliance and more.

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A bird’s eye view of all your training activity

Multi-tenant tracking

Train and track multiple organisations from one Innform account. Customise content and settings individually.

Properties & Groups

Organise your learners into properties or groups, so you can simplify assignments, tracking and reporting.

Calendar view

View important upcoming events such as deadlines and certificate expirations in one calendar view.

Track certification

Simplify learner certification management, reassignments and monitor expiration, from one place.

Powerful filters

Simplify your tracking and reporting tasks by narrowing down your search using Innform’s detailed filters.

Identify top performers

Ask Innform to generate a list of your top and least performing learners at a moment’s notice.

Review uploads

With Innform, you can ask learners to upload images, videos and other files as part of their assessment response.

Detailed results & reports

Monitor your learners’ progress, review their uploads and evaluate quiz results from one dashboard.

Here are some popular Track
use-cases for admins

Everything you need in one package

And there’s more!

Delegate tracking

Invite other admins to come in and help you track and manage your workforce training assignments.

Deadlines and reminders

Ask Innform to remind your learners in app or via email, every time there is a training deadline approaching.

Upcoming event planning

Monitor physical training events such as classroom or off-site sessions. Track results and attendance.

Track feedback

Collect valuable training feedback from your learners and use it to improve your training content.

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