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How To Create An Online Training Course For Your Employees

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Creating engaging online training courses is the best way to encourage learner uptake and to deliver new skills. So, what’s one of the most effective tools to make a Learning Management System work for your company? Video content, of course! Think about it; most of us regularly head off to YouTube to find answers or […]

What Should I Look For In An LMS?

What Should I Look For In An LMS? Innform

Choosing the right Learning Management System for your business is an essential step toward delivering quality eLearning experiences. Whether you’re currently scanning the marketplace for the first time, or you’ve already adopted eLearning software and are looking to switch to something that better suits your online training needs, we understand how complicated it might feel. […]

How To Keep Your Learners Engaged & Using Your LMS: 6 Tips For Motivating Learners

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All over the world, many businesses have adopted a Learning Management System to deliver resources, skills and training sessions to their workforces. You may have already invested in an LMS, but it won’t make much of an impact if your learners don’t engage with the training on offer. So, how do you keep your employees […]

Calculating The ROI Of An LMS: A Guide by Innform

Calculating The ROI Of An LMS

Why is calculating the ROI of your LMS important? As more and more business processes shift online, encompassing everything from accounts to client support, it’s no surprise that employee training programs are going the same way. Convenience, control, and ease of growth are just three of the many benefits of E-learning. Delivered through a Learning […]

Top Tips To Ensure Your Team Remains Productive When Working Remotely

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Over the last few months, you’ve probably found that Covid-19 has interrupted your usual business set-up. You likely introduced protocols to keep your staff and customers safe, but as the spread of the pandemic has continued into the summer, many firms have adopted remote working as the way forward. Having your team or teams work […]

The Ultimate Guide to Delegating Your Global E-learning Process

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If your business is global, then your Learning Management System is one of the best tools to leverage when it comes guiding your company forward. E-learning for every staff member not only brings teams together and focuses them on your business goals, but it can also take the heavy-lifting out of creating courses, teaching employees […]

The Essential E-learning Courses Your Staff Need To Get Back To Serving Customers

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Whatever industry you’re in, it’s likely that COVID-19 has put a severe dent in your business – and if any part of your operations involves direct interaction with your clients, you might want to consider giving employees an e-learning boost training-wise right now. It’s been tough for customer service staff recently. Worries about job security, […]

Preparation And Future-Proofing: Mitigate Disruption To Your Business Now And In The Future.

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Of all the magical things a company could need, it’s probably safe to say that a crystal ball to see into the future would be pretty high up the list. Just imagine. Think of all the scenarios you could prepare for, the response plans you could have prepped and pending, and the smart moves you […]