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How Generational Differences in the Workplace Impact eLearning

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If you’re doing it right, your hospitality business should look like a pretty diverse workplace when it comes to your staff. It’s in your interest, since the services you provide to your clients will likely be pretty diverse, as will your clients themselves. Diversity can mean all sorts of things but there’s one specific aspect […]

Tips for Excellent Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

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What’s the one thing about your hospitality business that has the potential to put you streets ahead of the competition? Your location perhaps? Your price point? Well, while those things are important, it’s neither of those. It’s actually your customer service. The type of welcome and service you offer your guests or customers is pretty […]

LMS Internal Marketing: 4 Best Practices to Engage Your Employees

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If you’ve already adopted a learning and development strategy for your company via a LMS, then congratulations – you’ve already taken the most crucial step toward improving your operations. We’re all aware that globally, the hospitality industry is growing rapidly, but of course that means that so’s the competition. Training your staff online through elearning […]

Taking Steps Towards An Online Learning Transformation

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Moving With The Times: The Online Learning Transformation Taking effective steps toward digital learning should be part and parcel of your hospitality business plan. From personal banking and bill-paying, to shopping and dating, our modern lives are increasingly becoming an online affair. With most of us now spending a decent chunk of our day online […]

Leading The Way In The Hospitality Industry – What Makes A Great Boss?

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Working Together In The Hospitality Industry Achieving great things is generally a team effort. As the saying goes, ‘no man (or woman) is an island’, and when it comes to the hospitality industry, we’re sure you’re aware working together is crucial. Setting goals for top-level customer service is one thing, but everyone needs to be […]

Switching your LMS? The 5 key factors to consider for a successful implementation.

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Your Online Training: How’s your LMS faring? There are plenty of benefits to implementing online training for your hospitality business. With the right LMS provider, you can really improve the way you get things done as a business and it’s a no-brainer that skilled staff with confidence in their work enjoy their jobs more. Maybe […]

Innform Proclaimed Leading Learning Management System; Bags Rising Star of 2019 from Top B2B Review Platform

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Innform LMS is pleased to announce that it recently bagged two awards from CompareCamp — the Rising Star of 2019 Award and the Great User Experience Award. The entire Inform Team is happy to start the last quarter of 2019 with a bang! Innform LMS received two awards from CompareCamp, a leading platform for credible […]