How To Train Your Seasonal Hospitality Staff, Without Breaking The Bank

Hospitality training

Seasonality has a big influence on the hospitality industry. From popular holiday seasons where guests are at a yearly high, to the inevitable quiet periods with far less visitors and likewise, staff. There is an understandable reluctance to invest too much time and resources into hospitality training, in regards to temporary staff. After all, they […]

5 Tips To Help You Build Better Hospitality Training Quizzes

Hospitality training

Your staff are doing great! They’re diving deep into their new hospitality training tool and learning better than ever. But how can you make sure that they’re retaining what they’ve learned? Quizzes are a great way of not only testing your staff’s knowledge but engaing with them even further. Here are 5 helpful tips to […]

How To Get Your Staff Comfortable With Hospitality eLearning

Hospitality elearning

As with anything new, there’s always a risk of alienating some people when first launching – and eLearning is no different. If your staff is used to a certain way of receiving their hospitality training, then making the change to eLearning could lead to some staff dropping off or feeling alienated. But that doesn’t have […]

7 Expert Tips for Making Better eLearning Videos

eLearning Video

Videos are the future of eLearning. Visual information is processed much faster and is easier to remember than text-based information. So why wouldn’t you use that to your advantage and utilise video-based learning to boost your staff’s training? However, today’s viewers have a much higher expectation of video content. In educational videos the need to […]

Here’s How You Can Start Hospitality eLearning For Free

hospitality elearning

Hospitality eLearning is a vital part of the industry these days. As everything is becoming more and more accessible, so are learning methods. In case you’re worried about the high prices of eLearning, you don’t have to! We’ve laid out a step by step guide on how to start your eLearning journey for free! Find […]

Tell-Tale Signs Your Staff Are Ready For eLearning


Times are changing. More and more of our day-to-day tasks are happening online. Whether that’s answering emails, scheduling shifts or organising payroll – the list goes on and on. So why should your training be any different? Here are five tell-tale signs that you should ditch the textbooks, adopt eLearning and start boosting your staff’s […]

5 Reasons Your eLearning Isn’t Working – and How You Can Solve It NOW!

hospitality elearning

Isn’t eLearning supposed to be the most engaging way to train staff? Then why isn’t my eLearning working? These are questions that all staff trainers, at some point in time, have asked themselves. Regardless if your company is large or small there are common problems and missteps that pop up when creating and distributing your […]

5 Ways We’re Making Hospitality Training Hassle-Free

Hospitality training

Let’s be honest, at times hospitality training can be a hassle. We’re revolutionising hospitality training, making it simple and hassle-free for everyone involved, bringing it into 2019. We’re making training your staff easier than ever with our readymade premium courses. We offer everything from Food Safety to Bartending Essentials, with easy on-boarding and record tracking […]

How We’re Revolutionising Hospitality Compliance Training

hospitality compliance training

Hospitality compliance training is an essential part of staff training and development, as there are some courses that employees legally need to be trained in. This means it’s important for you to ensure this training takes place, in order to keep safety standards high in your workplace. At Innform, we’re revolutionising hospitality compliance training, giving […]

By Popular Demand – How We Decide Which Courses to Create

Hospitality training

Since Innform first began, we’ve always had one goal in mind. Hospitality training made simple, for everyone. That means that we need training content that’s relevant to our industry and our customers. We make sure of this by honing and crafting unique courses that allows hospitality staff learn better, and at their own pace. However, […]