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Boost Your Company’s Growth By White Labelling an LMS

White labelling your Learning Management System is a smart, easy way to boost your company’s growth. A custom LMS is the perfect way to build rapport with your learners in a way that truly represents your firm, but it can come with a hefty price tag.

White labelling – essentially purchasing a Learning Management System with the option to remove all visual traces of the original software vendor – is a great option. You get that custom feel, without any of the tech headaches. And there are more benefits too. Let’s go through some of the top reasons why you might want to look at adopting a white label LMS.

Speedy Set-up With No Need For Capital Spend To Build LMS

A ready-made, white-labelled eLearning platform means you can get your online training set up super quickly, taking advantage of its features straight away. You’ll be able to roll out your courses with the minimum of fuss, but crucially, a white-label product is a far more cost-effective option compared to building a custom LMS from scratch.

Another often overlooked benefit to white-labelled eLearning software is that you have access to professional tech support as you get your program going. Plus, you’ll be able to discover a whole range of tried and tested features right from the outset, rather than attempt to decide on, and then engineer what your company needs at a far slower pace.

Update Your LMS With Brand Colours and Logo

If you opt for a white label LMS, you’re purchasing the option to easily customise the interface with your firm’s brand colours, language, fonts and logos, while enjoying the ‘plug and play’ functionality you’d get from an off-the-shelf piece of software.

Why Brand Your Learning Management System?

A visually pleasing and dynamic Learning Management System goes a long way to attracting and retaining learners, but if your training interface has a clear connection to your company too, it’s going to be more approachable and relatable.

Company colours can positively orientate learners, and custom menus can guide different team members to courses and modules they need to work through. You can update your total eLearning offering in terms of look, feel, voice; and even the URL, creating a unified sense of familiarity which is proven to remove barriers to learning.

Focus Budgets On LMS Content Not Tech

We understand that training budgets can be tight, but there’s no need to skimp on quality content. Choose a white-labelled Learning Management System so you can focus on what’s in your courses rather than the delivery system, so to speak.

A Learning Management System that’s tried, tested, and works smoothly without glitches is the best vehicle for courses that are full of valuable and relevant information. Creating original online training content containing modules with gamification, for example, will offer a better learner experience, but with white-labelling, you can let your LMS do the heavy-lifting when it comes to the supporting technology. Other content-led approaches might include filming great-quality instructional videos. Why waste your budget on re-building already existing software when you can spend it on creative, stimulating elearning material that keeps your trainees returning?

Customising An LMS For Your Needs

There are plenty of ways to customise a white-label LMS, and it’s not all to do with looks. Most good white-label options are designed to ingrate with apps you use frequently, which means your online training can be delivered to your learners in a way they find familiar or interesting. You can take advantage of new app releases and tech add-ons such as video and VR elements, offer courses in multiple languages if you need to, and create sub-portals within your Learning Management System for different audiences.

The opportunities to customise with a good white-label training product should be numerous; all helping to build a personalised online learning experience for your employees.

Reach Learners Around The World With Your eLearning Content

By removing the hurdles presented by building an LMS from the ground up, you can truly get to grips with sharing your content – and not just for your own firm.

Plenty of companies find that once they’ve found the freedom to create innovative online training content, it’s in demand. Your Learning Management System can deliver elearning to employees working remotely, or in your offices across the world, which is ideal when you want to ensure a company-wide level of training.

However, great content that works internationally can also mark you out as an industry authority or leader, so you might want to be thinking about sharing your branded, elearning content.

One great way to do this is to make sure your white-label LMS supports eCommerce apps so others outside your organisation can purchase your great courses. You can market your online courses to anyone with an internet connection: be they free courses to employees in your office, or monetised courses to your sector peers. Purchasing apps are continually evolving, so a white-label LMS that supports these will likely move with every new in-demand feature that emerges.

Gain Trust by Being At The Forefront of Tech

In purchasing a white-label Learning Management System, you’ll automatically benefit from access to the latest developments in elearning technology across the board. Your vendor handles the tech development side and you get the new software features they create, plus admin support.

Sounds great, right? It is – and you’ll gain trust from learners in the process too. Organisations that take the time to keep up with the latest technological developments are often regarded as being more capable, innovative and successful. If you’re looking to motivate your employees to engage with their online learning, or monetise your courses, then a white-labelled LMS with all that added functionality is the way to go.

Compete with Fast Moving Organizations

The corporate landscape is a fast-paced, competitive arena, and being left behind can be expensive. Properly investing in training and skills development for your workforce is a proven way to stay at the leading edge of your sector.

Your Learning Management System is a flexible tool to help you achieve this, and if it’s white-labelled; even better. Diversifying your business? Your tech-supported LMS can offer teams courses to tackle this, company-wide. You’ve rebranded to pivot with the market? Your LMS can be rapidly and easily rebranded too. Looking to monetise your industry course content? You can rely on a white-label vendor to offer your unique LMS content via eCommerce plug-ins and spread the word that you’re one to follow.

Make Use of Trials And Reviews of LMS Products

While investing in a Learning Management System will benefit your business significantly, the initial choosing and spending process can be a bit daunting. Ultimately, one of the best things about opting for a white-labelled LMS for your business is the option to really get a handle on the product, or essential parts of the product, before you commit.

Totally custom LMS options can potentially serve your business needs exactly, but there’s no real way to try any of the features out for free, nor seek out feedback from other users. With a white-label LMS, you can make use of free trials for any features you think might work for you, test out their efficacy, and adopt or ditch them as you see fit. Other clients who have tested products and reviewed them online can truly help you make the right decisions too.

Making mistakes can be costly in the online learning biz and you run the risk of buying something you either don’t need or isn’t up to scratch. White-labelled LMSs offer a safer, tried and tested route to a robust and flexible elearning platform.