10 Inspiring Hospitality Leaders All Hotel Managers Should Be Following

Social media can often feel overwhelming and at time like you’re being inundated with noise. For hotel managers, or any hospitality manager, it can often feel like all that’s out there are influencers who care more about getting the perfect photo of a travel spot, rather than providing content which is truly useful for you. However, there are hospitality leaders in the community that are doing just that, keeping the community up-to-date with the latest trends, news and insights in hospitality.

We’ve previously put together lists of our favourite bartenders and chefs revolutionising hospitality online, and we’re doing it again! Here are ten of our favourite hospitality leaders that will supercharge your journey as a hotel manager

Ken Burgin @KenBurgin

Ken Burgin is a must follow for any hotel manager. Not only does Ken share all the latest hospitality news and trends. He also shares valuable training and staff strategies from Profitable Hospitality, which he heads up. You need to be following Ken, period.

Giovanna Grossi @signorinagg

With extensive experience within the sector, Giovanna founded Sauce Intelligence to help mentor up and coming businesses increase reputation and profits. With a mixture of positive reinforcement, news and insights, Giovanna shows that being in hospitality can be fun!

David Henkes @davidhenkes

David Henkes is a trendwatcher, consultant and connoisseur, with his finger on the pulse of what makes hospitality tick. If you’re looking to find what the future of hospitality will have in store, David is someone that you need to be following.

Chip Conley @ChipConley

Airbnb Strategic Advisor, Chip Conley is shining a light on the way that Airbnb is changing the way people travel. It’s undeniable that Airbnb has changed the hospitality landscape – and there’s something that everyone can learn from this.

Alicia Hoisington @ahoising1

Editor of Hotel News Now, Abigail Hoisington shares opinion pieces and news about hospitality from all over. Following Alicia will help to keep your pulse on all the latest hospitality trends.

Kate Nicholls @UKHospKate

Kate Nicholls, of UKHospitality, is one of our go to accounts to see how hospitality is shaping in the UK. If you want to keep up-to-date on innovation, statistics, news and trends for hospitality in the UK, look no further. Following Kate Nicholls will give you all those insights.

Ana Cvetkovic @anatweetsnow

CEO of Bloom Digital Marketing, Ana shares tips and articles to help the hospitality industry reach millennials. With a mixture of articles, thought pieces and helpful guides on tools which can help you save time, Ana has everything a hotel manager needs to learn about reaching the next generation of hospitality workers.

Christopher Pappas @cpappas

The key to any great team, is the training that goes into them. Keeping up to date with the latest trends and training opportunities that are out there can be quite difficult however. Christopher Pappas, of eLearning Industry, sheds a light on all the latest eLearning news – which could very well help you train up your staff more effectively.

Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas

If you’re looking for marketing inspiration then Jeff Bullas is the account you’re searching for! Although not strictly just hospitality, the marketing tips and insights that he shares are must-knows for any hotel manager looking to spread their reach.

Hospitality Lawyer @hospitality_law

In an ever-changing industry it’s important to always stay up-to-date with the latest legal updates and how they reflect within the sector. Hospitality Lawyer shares all of these updates along with real-life solutions that you can apply!

Are there any leaders that you follow that we left out? Tweet us @innformapp and let us know who we should keep on our radar.

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