10 Vegan Chefs Spicing Up Instagram in the UK

Coming up with new and exciting recipes can be difficult. Especially when it comes to a restricted diet, such as veganism. Fortunately, there’s a vibrant community of chefs, home cooks and influencers who are sharing their recipes, experiences and the joys of being vegan! Instagram is a vegan’s best friend when it comes to finding places to eat, recipes to try and for a daily dose of inspiration. So, get your tastebuds ready – here’s ten of the best UK based vegan chefs out there right now.

Kate Ford @thevegspace

Author of ‘Vegan in 15’, Kate Ford serves up an awe-inspiring array of delicious and vibrant recipes that will make you want to run off and try them yourself. If you’re looking for vegan food that’s comforting and easy-to-follow look no further. We promise you’ve just found a great library to dig into!

Jhenn of Ronin Dining @theveganronin

Known for her mouth-watering Japanese dishes, Jhenn’s (the vegan ronin) feed showcases that being vegan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour. She’s even eggs-perimented with vegan fried eggs! What more do we need to say.

Russell James @therawchef

Russell James has been sharing his recipes and journey since 2005 and it’s easy to see why he’s a vegan superstar. With glimpses into his life and amazing photography, you’ll want to follow The Raw Chef to stay up-to-date and follow his incredible video recipes.

Moko Sellars @mokofood

Founder of both 10 CABLE ST and F-ish, Moko Sellars is at the forefront of the rise of veganism in the UK. Her vibrant feed shows the journey of raising a family while being vegan and also sharing some truly envious shots of the meals they share together.

Edward Daniel @ethivegan

Vegan chef Edward Daniel is someone who truly cares about the vegan community. Not only does he share some incredible recipes, he also interviews other leaders in the space. Make sure to check out his blog and YouTube channel too for more of his amazing content.

Eat Chay @eatchayclub

Masters of vegan Vietnamese, the team behind Eat Chay will fill your feed with some bao-tiful shots! A word of warning though. Have your keys close by, because after you check out there feed you’ll want to go pick up some of their food. Pro-tip: get your hands on a bao!

Katy Beskow @katybeskow

Bestselling author Katy Beskow shares her journey of crafting healthy and delicious vegan meals that don’t cost an arm and a leg to make. With a mixture of lifestyle and food inspiration, if you’re not following her you should be.

Chef Bernie @chefberniesauces

Let’s get saucy. Chef Bernie is spreading the word that keeping food as natural as possible, equals better tasting and more importantly better for you. Make sure to spice up your feed and give chef Bernie a follow.

Tish Wonders @tishwonders

Although not vegan, Tish Wonders gives an insight into her balanced and healthy lifestyle which includes a huge dose of vegan friendly meals! With a mix of vibrant recipes and lifestyle shots, follow Tish as she travels and develops her amazing food.

Aine Carlin @ainecarlin

Aine’s feed always brings a smile to our faces. With a colourful mix of food and vegan friendly brands, her feed will add some colour and flavour to your feed.

We hope these incredible chef’s feeds inspire you with their incredible recipes! Don’t forget to check out our Instagram too and tag us in your next vegan dish. We’d love to see what you create!

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