How to Track and Automate Your Hospitality Compliance Training

Hospitality compliance training is an all too important factor for the industry. There’s not only a legal obligation involved but an obligation for your employees to provide the best service possible. However, keeping track of all ongoing, and expired, compliance training can put a strain on time and resources, no matter the size of your company. But it doesn’t have to be!

With an LMS you can put your compliance training on autopilot, and streamline the entire process – making it easier for you, and your employees. Here are some of the ways that you can easily track and automate your hospitality compliance training, using an eLearning tool.

Hospitality compliance tracking made simple

Tracking Made Simple

One of the hardest parts of compliance, for managers, is tracking all of the ongoing and expired training that is happening across all areas of the business. With an LMS you can do all of this with a few clicks, and get detailed breakdowns of all your hospitality compliance training.

Your LMS Will Do the Heavy Lifting

With all of your compliance taking place online, it’s easier than ever to keep track of your progress. Why? Because an LMS does the heavy lifting for you. You can keep track of who has passed, is in progress of, or needs to repeat their compliance training. Better yet, if you’ve assigned your hospitality compliance in groups, you can easily keep track of the overall progress of that group – as well as highlight anyone who could need deeper training.

Weekly Reports

Let’s face it, sometimes it can feel like there are not enough hours in the week to get things done. When time is stretched you just need an overview of the essentials. This is where weekly reports come into play. With a roundup of stats from the previous weeks training, managers can be kept in the loop via email – with the essential tracking information being presented in a neat package, freeing up time for the other tasks that need attention.

Easy Access to Training Records

Monitoring an individual’s progress is easier than ever when utilising an LMS. Simply search for that learner, and open up their profile to get a bird’s eye view of all the training that they have ongoing, and completed. This is a great way of keeping track of their overall progress, along with highlighting any problem areas they may need help on. You can even keep track of their certification and export their training records in some cases.

Compliance training on autopilot

Compliance on Autopilot

Ensuring that standards are kept high and that customers are kept safe is a big part of why hospitality compliance training is so important. This is why after a set time period; the training needs to be retaken – to ensure this quality remains. But why should you manually re-assign and repeat all of the processes that you’ve previously been through already? This is where automation comes into play.


Automating your hospitality compliance training can ease the pain that comes with reassigning training after expiration. With notifications reminding you, and automatic reassignment you can streamline the entire process. Bring your hospitality training into 2019 and automate your compliance.

Centralised Training

Compliance on a global scale can become very challenging, especially when sending out the training across multiple locations. With an LMS all of this becomes centralised, meaning that you can assign in bulk and keep track of progress all in one easy to monitor spot!

Compliance Curated for You

In some instances, an LMS will come with a library of ready-made training and compliance, making it easier than ever for you to train your employees. Even better, this training often cheaper than the traditional counterpart. So, not only will you save on time but on valuable resources too.

Hospitality compliance training that’s easy to track and automated will help you reduce the risks of non-compliance. After all, we’re an industry that serves people – so, ensuring that the proper precautions and training takes place to guarantee their safety is a must.

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