10 Inspiring Coffee Experts Every Aspiring Barista Should Be Following

Whether you’re a seasoned barista, or a newcomer looking to level up your knowledge, there’s always more to learn! It’s no secret that coffee is fast becoming one of the most photographed and shared drinks across all social media platforms. With Instagram in particular, you can get a grasp of the latest coffee crazes, latest trends and what’s current in the industry – and perhaps even how your business can stand out against the crowd!

We’ve compiled together some of Instagram’s best experts to help inspire your journey as a barista and have you creating unique latte art in no time.

Cole Coffee @cole_coffee

Winner of 2018’s U.S. barista championship, Cole McBride is someone that you need to be watching. He shares his daily life and journey as a barista, reflecting his passion for high-quality products and the tools of the trade. After all, who better to learn from than someone who won a championship!

Ozone Coffee Roasters @ozonecoffeeuk

Mention coffee to anyone based in Shoreditch, London and they’ll most likely mention Ozone, and there’s a good reason for it. Sharing everything from the roasting process to the amazing brews and food they serve, this is an account you need to be following.

The Coffee Blenders @thecoffeeblenders

California based company, The Coffee Blenders are showcasing the diverse blends and flavour profiles that you can experience with the perfect brew. If you’ve ever wondered how to use blended coffee, then look no further than The Coffee Blenders.

Ben Lewis @barista_benji

Latte artist Ben Lewis shares the playful side of the industry, with his incredible skills on full display. Ranging from elegant displays of elephants to colourful depictions of beloved characters, Ben is helping shine a light on the latte art scene in the UK.

George Howell @ghhowell

George Howell has been an influencer in the industry long before Instagram was even around. A legend in the industry, why would you not be following the man that literally invited the Frappuccino?!

Daniel Mendoza @oigaperoque

Roaster and self-proclaimed long term student of the industry Daniel Mendoza shares glimpses into his life working in the space – the culture, scenes and people that he comes across in his day-to-day, all presented with jaw-dropping photography.

Origin Coffee Roasters @origincoffeeroasters

Another Shoreditch staple, Origin’s feed is jam-packed of everything you could be looking for when searching for coffee experts to follow. Ranging from tools of the trade to tasting sessions and beautiful shots, Origin Coffee Roasters have everything you’re looking for and more.

Coffee Cups of the World @coffeecupsoftheworld

Your branding, as well as your coffee itself, can have a big impact on how memorable the overall experience can be. So much so that Coffee Cups of the World decided to highlight all the different types of cups you could possibly come across.

Dear Coffee I Love You @dcily

With a strong passion fueling him, Brain Jones set up DCILY to help others get inspired, as he has, from the humble coffee. After all, he quite literally wrote a book on how to brew the perfect cup – Brew: Better Coffee at Home

Jordan Sanchez @jordansanchez.photo

For high-quality photos in the world of coffee, look no further than Jordan Sanchez. Having been the resident photographer for both Barista and Roaster Guilds of Europe, you know that you’ll be getting a beautiful shot whenever he updates his feed.

And that’s the list! We hope we’ve helped you come across some truly inspirational accounts to help you on your journey as a barista. Are there any experts you think we left out? Tweet us and let us know who we should be keeping on our radar.

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