The Benefits of Online Hospitality Compliance Training

In the past few blog posts, we’ve explored the importance of hospitality compliance and how you can track and automate your training to make it more effective. However, you may be asking yourself – why should I put my compliance training online? What benefits does online compliance training have versus traditional training?

The traditional classroom setting for hospitality compliance and training, in general, is becoming a thing of the past. Taking your compliance training online can not only help to increase engagement but also streamline your entire process and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Here’s some of the benefits of taking your hospitality compliance training online.

Hospitality Compliance_More Engaged

Learners Are More Engaged

Boring classes, long documents and dull PowerPoint presentations can be quite dangerous when it comes to hospitality compliance training. After all, your learners need to be fully engaged in the training to ensure that they understand why compliance is so important. Taking your training online can help increase engagement and make training more fun and easier to take onboard.

Interactive Content and Gamification

One of the key features of online training is the fact that it’s interactive. Videos, audio tracks and interactive images can all leveraged to keep your learners fully engaged in the training. In a similar vein, with gamification, you can add another layer onto your training to make it even more engaging. Quizzes, points and leaderboards are all great examples of how gamification can be used to generate friendly competition and increase engagement.

Access Training Anywhere at Any Time

Taking your hospitality compliance training online means that you’re able to deliver your training anywhere at any time. After all, everyone has a phone and access to the internet nowadays. So, instead of having to go offsite and into a classroom, your staff can simply log on and take their training quite literally into their own hands.

Hospitality Compliance_One Stop Shop

A One-Stop Shop for All Your Training

Combining both your hospitality compliance and skills training together can ensure that you, as an admin, have a one-stop shop for all your training needs.

Reduce the Risk of Non-Compliance

With an LMS (learning management system) you have the capability to track your compliance training. Doing so ensures that you can stay on top of everyone who is, and isn’t, compliant in the relevant fields.

Refresher Courses

With alerts and notifications, you can keep track of learners whose certification will soon be coming to an end. When this happens, you can plan ahead of time and assign a refresher course, with the individual receiving a renewed certificate upon completion.

Hospitality Compliance at a Fraction of the Price

Compliance licenses, on average, are much cheaper online versus their traditional counterparts – for one, you’re cutting the costs of classrooms. Better yet, some LMS’ will run special offers, or even volume discounts, for a more cost-effective and engaging process for everyone involved.

Hospitality Compliance_Effective Workforce

A More Effective Workforce

Ultimately, the key benefit of taking your hospitality compliance training online is a workforce that is more effective in their roles.


As stated earlier, upon completion of a compliance course, learners receive a certificate as proof of their compliance. These certificates are often recognised worldwide and show that your staff are competent and legally allowed to perform their roles to the highest standard.

Better Quality and Efficiency

A compliant workforce is much more effective and efficient overall – with the relevant information needed to ensure the working standards are kept high. Not only that, but a compliant workforce will also help to raise your reputation as a deliverer of high-quality service.

With online compliance training, you’ll find that all of these benefits will get your workforce fully compliant faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Did you find this exploration into hospitality compliance helpful? If you think we left anything out tweet us @innformapp and let us know what other benefits you’ve found in taking your hospitality compliance training online. Or, check out one of our previous blogs to discover ten experts all restaurant managers should be following in 2019.

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