Are My Hospitality Staff Actually Learning on my LMS?

If you’ve asked yourself this question, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Gauging the effectiveness of your hospitality training and whether or not your staff are learning, is the make or break of any learning management system (LMS). We’ve laid out five key points to help you discover and track the progress of your staff, and hospitality training.

Track learner progress

It goes without saying, but one of the best indicators of any successful hospitality training program is learner progress. Tracking success rates and scores are a given, but there’s more to an LMS than just these statistics. You can track logins, time spent on the system and even drop-off rates to see not only how your leaners are performing, but how they’re interacting with your hospitality training. The higher the success and retention of your learners, the better your LMS is working. It’s that simple.

Monitor course attempts

It’s natural that along the way some learners will find tasks more difficult than others. That is the whole point of a training system after all! Therefore, attempts at assigned content need to be taken by your learners, to help them develop their understanding. Tracking these attempts are a great way to monitor their development and the overall success of your hospitality training. If an individual requires several attempts at a certain task, track it and find out why. Monitor these attempts and look for patterns in areas that require further training. This will also help you to develop your hospitality training program over time to make it even more effective.

Test knowledge

Going hand-in-hand with learner progress, testing your staff’s knowledge is an essential way to grasp if your LMS is working. Whether that’s providing a quiz that’s part of a learning path, or random pop quizzes, make use of this important feature and get testing. However, make sure that the questions you’re asking relate to the hospitality training you’ve provided them. Otherwise your results could become skewed. Why not check out some helpful tips we put together to help build your next quiz.

Hospitality training

Reassign content

Sometimes a refresher is needed to brush up on key information, or to test if what was previously learnt has been remembered. By reassigning content, you can ensure that your staff are always on top of the essentials and any updates that have been made. To your hospitality training Repetition is one of the key aspects of learning, make use of that and get reassigning.

Talk to your staff

When all is said and done, the best way of tracking your staff’s progress is to talk to them. Send out surveys, polls or have a face-to-face with your staff. Find out what training content works, what doesn’t, and why. Learning is a two-way street. For your hospitality training to be effective, and for your staff to actually learn from it, your training content needs to matter to them. How can you find this out? Talk to your staff and the rest will follow.

By following these steps you’ll be able to track learner progress and discover if your staff are actually learning on your LMS. Check out this post on how you can get your staff more engaged with your eLearning.