Top 5 LinkedIn Experts and Groups All Hospitality Managers Need to Follow

LinkedIn is a great platform for networking and engaging with your colleagues and employees – but that’s not all there is to it. LinkedIn has become the go-to space for professionals to share their knowledge, interact with people in the same sector, join groups to stay on top of trends and follow experts to learn how to approach challenges head-on. However, with over 260 million active users on the site monthly, which LinkedIn hospitality experts and what groups should you be following?

Here are our top five hospitality experts and groups that all hospitality managers need to be following!

Experts You Need to Follow

Bill Quiseng

With 30+ years of luxury resort/club management under his belt, Bill Quiseng is sharing his expert customer service knowledge with the world! With the mantra of “Think RELATIONSHIPS or Go Broke”, Bill offers tips, insights and inspiration to help you take your customer service to the next level.

Roger A. Allen

Roger A. Allen has held management positions in hotel and leisure businesses all over the world and is sharing his knowledge constantly on LinkedIn. Providing insights into the latest trends, news and talks in hospitality, Roger is someone that you should be following.

Carson Tate

Let’s face it, being a manager can be stressful and can sometimes feel like there’s not enough time in the day to get things done. Carson Tate is a productivity expert that will help you streamline your workflow and prioritise your tasks with helpful articles, tips and productivity hacks.

Tiffany Dowd

Luxury travel blogger and hospitality influencer Tiffany Dowd’s feed is full of helpful content all centred around communication and social media marketing. If you’re looking to grow your reach online and need help to find out how to plan, execute and maintain your following then look no further than Tiffany Dowd.

Patrick Landman

CEO and Founder of Xotels, Patrick Landman champions independent hotels, helping to improve services, management structures and the overall experience. Patrick regularly shares thoughts and articles on the latest trends, practices and his experiences in working with market leaders.

Hospitality Groups You Need to Join

World Hotel Managers

World Hotel Managers is a fantastic LinkedIn hospitality group for managers looking to network and share articles and discussions about all things related to management in hospitality. This group emphasises the importance of hotel tech with members often sharing their latest experiences with products.

eLearning Industry

Although not strictly hospitality, the eLearning Industry group is an amazing resource for managers looking to stay on top of the latest eLearning and training trends. Having a workforce that’s well trained and up-to-date on their skills training is crucial for any hospitality business. So, a manager who is on top of the latest training trends is a must.

The Hotel Group

With one of the largest group of members, The Hotel Group is a great environment for sharing expertise and news with hospitality managers from all over the world. There’s daily updates and communication happening on all aspects of hospitality, so join up and join in on the fun!

International Luxury Hospitality Association – Hospitality Group

Started by the International Luxury Hospitality Association, this group talks all thing hospitality. With discussions and articles ranging from travel, hotel, wellness, food and much more, your thirst for hospitality news will be well and truly quenched here.

Hotel General Managers (GM)

This LinkedIn hospitality group is focused purely on operations in hospitality and how, as managers, you can positively impact the resolution of these issues. For young managers in particular this group is a great resource to learn and gain advice on issues you may be struggling with.

We hope we’ve helped you come across more thought leaders and sources of inspiration to help you on your journey as a hospitality manager. Are there any leaders or groups that you follow that we left out? Tweet us know on LinkedIn and follow us to keep up-to-date with our latest news.

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