How To Train Your Seasonal Hospitality Staff, Without Breaking The Bank

Seasonality has a big influence on the hospitality industry. From popular holiday seasons where guests are at a yearly high, to the inevitable quiet periods with far less visitors and likewise, staff. There is an understandable reluctance to invest too much time and resources into hospitality training, in regards to temporary staff. After all, they are by nature, temporary. However, there is a cost-effective solution to this – eLearning.

Here are a few ways eLearning solutions can help train temporary seasonal staff, without costing an arm and a leg:

Make the most of your eLearning tool

Find an eLearning tool that fits your needs and has considered accounts that belong to seasonal staff members. For example, if you find a tool that allows you to replace or reuse existing accounts, you maximise the use of your platform. You eliminate the need for new accounts whenever you have seasonal peaks or lows. Saving you time and resources in the process. You can also maximise automation and onboarding for a smooth handover to your new staff members. For instance, assign essential hospitality training to your staff as soon as they join, to fast-track your employees towards the goals you set.

Focus on essential training

One of the great things about eLearning platforms, is that they offer flexible training programs to suit a variety of needs. In the case of hospitality training, essential training such as health and safety compliance, or body language basics are essential. As such, you should focus on providing these essentials to your staff.
This helps to avoid wasting time and resources on unnecessary training. Temporary staff don’t need to learn everything, so by using an eLearning platform that allows you to train them in the essentials you can save valuable time and resources. Ask yourself what they need to know in their current role and provide that hospitality training to them!

Hospitality Training

Utilise practical learning

eLearning is great for hospitality training because it provides various practical learning solutions that offer invaluable training for new staff. Resources such as video demonstrations, how-to guides, and visual imagery provide staff with practical learning that prepares them for real life hospitality situations. These learning solutions are very hand’s on, giving your staff clear examples of the skills and training needed in real life scenarios. This helps them better understand the training and feel encouraged to apply their training in the workplace.

Find an affordable eLearning platform

There are a variety of eLearning programs designed for hospitality training, so take the time to find a suitable solution that fits within your budget. Remember, temporary staff training is still essential during seasonal high. So, invest in the right solution that meets your needs.

It’s possible to find platforms that will effectively train your seasonal hospitality staff in the required areas without diminishing returns. So, keep your eyes on the prize and find the hospitality training platform that’s right for your business. Check out our blog on How To Get Your Staff Comfortable With Hospitality eLearning to help you introduce your new eLearning platform once you find it.