Here’s How You Can Start Hospitality eLearning For Free

Hospitality eLearning is a vital part of the industry these days. As everything is becoming more and more accessible, so are learning methods. In case you’re worried about the high prices of eLearning, you don’t have to! We’ve laid out a step by step guide on how to start your eLearning journey for free!

Find a SAAS service that supports free accounts

First things first, find a SAAS service that offers a free account. As eLearning has become more widespread, so have services that offer free accounts. Find a SAAS service that works for your needs. A tool that offers an unlimited number of users that you can get onboard and start training. Once you’ve set up your free account and invited your staff, it’ll immediately make your life easier. Having your entire team in one place will make things convenient and more effective.

Invite your team

When inviting your staff members to this free eLearning platform, make sure to include a welcome note or introductory email. Better yet, find a platform that automates all of this for you! You shouldn’t just surprise your team with an invitation to a new hospitality eLearning platform that they either weren’t expecting or don’t know anything about. Instead, give them a rundown of what this platform is all about, what you plan on doing with the platform, and why your team should be joining you in this journey.

Create useful courses

Now that both the trainer and trainees are ready, it’s time to begin training your team. It’s completely up to you to decide what courses to give your staff. However, we suggest you make the course as useful and precise to your team as possible. Include important information that will not only be useful, but add value to their role and development within that role. You should be supplying your staff with content that they would voluntarily want to learn, instead of something they feel forced to complete.

Demonstrate skills

One of the major pros of eLearning platforms is that they allow diverse learning techniques. Utilise this freedom to demonstrate the skills that you’re training your staff in. Practical step by step videos or photos will make learning much more effective than plain old boring text based courses. Make courses that are fun and engaging, and they will make much more of an impact.

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Be interactive

One of the greatest features of eLearning has to be the high level of interaction that it encourages. Use this important asset to make your courses more engaging. Go beyond the text tools and make use of videos, quizzes or surveys to ensure the process of learning never gets boring. It’s proven that you’re more likely to learn from an interactive activity over reading, make use of that!

Keep your staff up-to-date

The great thing about hospitality eLearning is that it reduces the time required to implement and update training. Almost anything can be done with a few clicks of your mouse. Make use of this and keep your courses up-to-date. Menu items, policies, legal terms, etc. should be updated in real time and assigned to your staff where necessary.

Communicate with your team

Once you’ve updated your training content, it’s your responsibility to communicate these changes and updates to your team. Email or message your staff members whenever new or updated content has been rolled out. Better yet, your eLearning platform will do this for you! This way you’ll reduce the risk of any staff member missing out on updates or assigned content.

If you follow these seven easy steps, you’ll be more than equipped to start your hospitality eLearning journey. Find your tool, create great courses and start empowering your staff today!