Introducing Innform Learning Paths

Hello again!

Last week we looked at 5 Things We Are Focussed On While Designing Innform. At the top of our list was ‘The Experience’. A crucial factor for the success of a learning platform is its ease of use for the trainer and the learner.

With that in mind, we’re going to take a look at one of Innform’s core features: Learning Paths. Here’s a sneak preview!

What are Learning Paths?

A learning path is a string of courses and quizzes that are delivered to a group of employees over time.

Like many other eLearning tools out there, Innform comes with course and quiz authoring tools. These are super easy to use and very powerful, guaranteeing an elegant outcome every time – great! But what happens when trainers have too many courses to assign to too many employees? The process can suddenly become incredibly laborious. Every time a new employee joins the company, the trainer must go into the LMS, find the right courses and assign them to the employee. This must happen every time the staff member requires training – a repetitive and tedious experience ensues.

With Innform’s Learning Paths, trainers can select any number of course and quizzes and string them together into a learning path – an automated learning journey can then present the employee with courses and quizzes over time. A learning path can be created for a specific skills gap or purpose (ex: the introduction of a new policy of procedure) or it can exist for the entirety of that employee’s time at the company (ex: learning how to become a great receptionist).

Learning paths can be self paced. This allows employees to learn in their own time and digest information at their own pace. Trainers can update the learning path at any time, with courses, quizzes or video content so that the groups of individuals remain up-to-date with ongoing company changes.

We’ll be uploading a video demo and screenshots of this features in the coming days, so stay tuned!

We want to hear from you. So if you’d like to be part of Innform Beta, or would like to propose a feature please get in touch.