Innform LMS Is Gearing Up To Help Companies Impacted By Covid-19 Disruption: Price Reductions, Free Courses And New Features.

Since Innform LMS began helping companies with their online training, we have been made to feel right at home within industries that have for many years cultivated many inspiring businesses, customer experiences and workforces. We feel proud to have partnered with some of the most innovative customer-centric companies, and built some special relationships in the process. We know how passionately management and employees strive to build their respective companies. Companies that are now under threat.

So today we feel compelled to do our part in helping our partners in these challenging times. Needless to say, that as the world grapples with the COVID-19 epidemic, tremendous strain has been placed on our customers, the industry and beyond.

The Corona virus (COVID-19) has renewed the need for companies across the globe to set up LMSs and eLearning solutions for their staff members, and take their training, instruction and messaging online to avoid human-to-human transmission and exposure. That said, we feel that this is no time to be greedy. Innform has taken the step to reduce its prices on the Essential and Pro plans by 50%. We have also made the Skills video library free to access and use, for all learners and admins making use of the platform. This will remain in place for the coming 6 months.

Any business impacted by the crisis is eligible for this reduction in price and the free-access of the Skills courses library.

Can your business benefit from this support? Get in touch with us.

New feature – Training Manuals

We have fast-tracked our improved Training Manuals feature and released this into the LMS platform today. You can now create training manuals and share them with your team as you would other eLearning material. These training manuals consist of searchable information and are super helpful for onboarding new employees, and to communicate important procedures or instructions that do not require assessment or a step-by-step module approach.

New feature – Staff messaging tools

Today the product team will start the development of a new staff messaging feature that will make an addition to Innform LMS. This feature aims to help management deliver important messages and minute-by-minute updates to its staff members as they work to manage any given situation that may arise.

New COVID-19 prevention courses

As of today, Innform will begin production on COVID-19 prevention and control eLearning video courses. These eLearning courses will be rolled out in the coming weeks and will be available free of charge to use and assign within the LMS.

Other ways Innform LMS can help during the epidemic.

Relocating employees away from offices and avoiding close proximity to their colleagues is of paramount importance. This means remote working solutions and eLearning have become the go-to solution. If you are looking into using an LMS to manage and automate a fast-tracked eLearning solution (especially if you are new to online training!) we recommend focussing your energies on the following:

  • Find an LMS with an authoring tool so you can simply copy and paste you material to create eLearning courses or online training manuals. This way, your material can be available for assignment within minutes. Focus on essential information only – you can always polish your online training material later.
  • Make use of bulk import features to add your learners to the online training platform in a few seconds. Adding people one by one works for small teams of up to 50 people, but can take a while if you manage a large organisation.
  • Organise learners into groups – this way you can send online training materials, and track learners’ progress based on their level of knowledge and previous roles. For ex: Create a group called “recently relocated” to train those who are new to working remotely around the ins and outs of working from home.
  • Make use of readymade eLearning video courses. This will give you back precious time you need to set up the LMS and tend to other important matters during times which are more chaotic than usual.

Can you think of other ways Innform LMS can help during the COVID-19 outbreak. Let us know.

Our thoughts are with your teams and their families who are being impacted. Innform continues to be committed in helping teams and management organise and share their internal knowledge with employees, suppliers and customers, especially at moments when this becomes imperative.

If you have any questions or feedback around the above, or anything else relating to Innform or eLearning, we are here to help and provide free advice.

Do you know of other ways Innform can help the Industry or your business at this time? Let us know.