10 Ways Innform’s Compliance Courses Are Improving Hospitality Staff Training

1. A One-stop-shop approach to staff training

Innform is a one stop shop for all employee development and hospitality staff training needs. In addition to automating inductions and skills training for the entire company, managers can also automate their staff’s compliance training and certification. The tool provides a range of essential compliance courses that can be assigned along side other training.

2. Great prices and volume discounts

Innform’s compliance courses and certification cost up to 50% less than average market prices – and the bigger your team, the cheaper your certification costs. Innform aims to make compliance training an easy, cost-effective and engaging process for everyone involved.

3. Automated refresher courses

With Innform, managers can automate refresher courses and be reminded when an employee’s compliance certificate is about to expire. When this happens, Innform admins can re-assign a course with a single click, and the employee will receive a renewed certificate upon course and assessment completion.

4. Easily accessible completion records

Innform keeps a record of every successful completion of a compliance course, together with dates, assessment results and a copy of the certificate. It also stores the results of any previous attempts made on that course by any of your learners.

5. Global CPD certification

Every compliance training course within Innform is CPD accredited and verified for worldwide use. You can use Innform to train your global workforce from one Innform account, and in multiple languages.

6. Certificates available in PDF and printable formats

Keep your certificate records safe, download them as PDFs or print them. Innform will generate and keep all your training documents safe in one place and in easy-to-share formats.

7. Mobiles-first compliance training

Innform allows your learners to start and complete video, image or text based compliance courses anytime and from anywhere in the world using their mobile device.

8. Text to speech

Your team can listen to text-based courses on Innform with the tool’s text-to-speech feature. Listening to a course like an audiobook or podcast can improve engagement, while making it easier for people to learn on-the-go.

9. All the important courses

Innform will come ready with the following compliance courses:
– Food Safety Level 1
– Food Safety Level 2
– Food Allergens
– Equality and Diversity
– Personal Licence Holders (APLH)
– Disability awareness
– Health and Safety: Level 1
– Health and Safety: Level 2
– First Aide Awareness
– PCI Data Security Standards

10. Innform compliance courses are multilingual

Compliance courses within Innform are available in a variety of languages including English and Spanish. Get in touch to learn more about our multilingual courses and other language we plan to include in the future.

Read more on the compliance training page.

Innform Beta is now available here.