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Invite your suppliers into your Innform platform and bring them up to speed with all the important developments of your organisation.

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Create courses and manuals

Create your very own courses and manuals with images, videos, files and interactive elements

“A great tool specialized in e-learning for hospitality. This replaced all our dropbox files & papers in the restaurants.”

Tracking and reporting

Monitor your learner’s progress and export detailed training reports from your tracking dashboard

“The support team is great and we always find the help we need.”

Homepage highlights

Display a selection of important announcements or training items on the top of your learner’s home screen

“My team was able to use Innform straight ‘out of the box’ – Although it is an incredibly powerful tool – anyone can use it; no IT knowledge is required.”

“Easy to set up, user friendly, value for money, excellent for multi properties in different geolocations”

Irini Tzirvelaki, Quality & Sustainability Manager at Electra Group

Monitor progress, save time and lower training costs

Discussion boards and chats

Allow learners to ask questions, contribute knowledge and contact trainers.

Training manuals

Build searchable and interactive manuals for learners to access at any time.


Upload your videos to your Innform courses. Combine them with other filetypes.

Zoom/Teams calls

Incorporate conference calls in your courses or create real-time training calls.

On demand training

Set up a ‘Netflix for training’ and provide learners with a way to self-initiate training.

Simple to track

Monitor your learners’ onboarding from the Track dashboard.

Integrate, secure and scale

GDPR, CCPA ready

End-user privacy is a priority. Innform is committed to GDPR and CCPA.

  • GDPR compliant
  • Transparent data handling
  • EU hosted infrastructure
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