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Engage your workforce with an award winning learning experience that they will actually want to use. From project managers, to staff and partners, Innform allows you to deliver high quality training to everyone in your team and beyond, on any device.

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Award-winning learning experience

Innform’s intuitive, engaging and user friendly learning experience is available across desktop and mobile devices

“The software is really simple and easy to use from both an admin and staff point of view.”

Blended learning

Combine courses, quizzes, events and training calls to form an engaging and varied learning experience

“Fantastic LMS – Easy to use, engaging for learners, brilliant support!”


Issue signed, custom certificates to your learners when completing compliance courses

“What impressed us is the employees’ willingness to cross train in different department was increased when they started using Innform”

“Innform is really easy to use and it has a nice design so learners can enjoy a great learning experience.”

Marina Salar Villalaín – HR director, Alannia Resorts

Monitor progress, save time and lower training costs

Search assignments

Need to find one specific assignment, fast? Search by name or training item.

Training manuals

Build searchable and interactive manuals for learners to access at any time.

Tailored for groups

Tell Innfrom to direct your customised onboarding bundles to specific groups.

Attach prep files

Add preparation files to your blended learning sessions.

On demand training

Set up a ‘Netflix for training’ and provide learners with a way to self-initiate training.

Simple to track

Monitor your learners’ onboarding from the Track dashboard.

Integrate, secure and scale


Translate your training items into multiple languages

  • 10 languages supported
  • Instant translations
  • Translate training
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Flexible billing

Take control of your monthly spend by managing active learners

  • Only pay for active users
  • Set auto-deactivation dates
  • Reactivate with data intact
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Update Innform’s logo and colours to reflect your brand

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