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Reinforce your learning and development programs with a cutting edge LMS program that works for everyone. From clerks to product leaders and managers, Innform allows you to deliver high quality training programs to your teams across multiple locations, and on any device – from one place.

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100,000+ learners across multiple industries are using Innform

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Tracking and reporting

Monitor your learner’s progress and export detailed training reports from your tracking dashboard

“It is effortless to set up, create training content and start training my team. Learners find it easy to pick up and actually finish their training on time.”

Create calls and organise events

With Innform you can organise and manage physical training events and live training calls

“Support for Innform is fast and the team is constantly updating features and introducing new integrations with other software.”

Create courses and manuals

Create your very own courses and manuals with images, videos, files and interactive elements

“User friendly learning tool that helps with certification”

“The support team is great and we always find the help we need.”

Marina Salar Villalaín – HR director, Alannia Resorts

Monitor progress, save time and lower training costs

Date, time, location

With blended learning, you can specify date, time and location for your training.

Training manuals

Build searchable and interactive manuals for learners to access at any time.

Tailored for properties

Innform can automatically assign a set of onboarding training items to learners.

Zoom/Teams calls

Incorporate conference calls in your courses or create real-time training calls.


Upload your videos to your Innform courses. Combine them with other filetypes.


Create onboarding with multiple training items:courses, quizzes, calls and manuals.

Integrate, secure and scale

Secure, worldwide

Innform is built with the latest security and privacy technology

  • GDPR compliant
  • Encrypted data
  • EU hosted infrastructure
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Multi-org structure

Set up and manage multiple LMS accounts for sub-organisations

  • Separate company billing
  • Company content sharing
  • Separate branding profiles
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Out of the box

Innform comes with all the features you’ll need

  • No IT knowledge needed
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  • New features regularly
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