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Save time for fruitful decision making by automating your online training programs with Innform LMS. From new hires to senior managers and staff members, Innform will give you all the tools you need to deliver high quality training to everyone, in multiple locations and on any device.

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Create courses and manuals

Create your very own courses and manuals with images, videos, files and interactive elements

“Innform is really easy to use and it has a nice design so learners can enjoy a great learning experience.”

Create calls and organise events

With Innform you can organise and manage physical training events and live training calls

“We are able to organise our company by the different properties we manage, and the different groups within each property.”


Issue signed, custom certificates to your learners when completing compliance courses

“Easy to set up, user friendly, value for money, excellent for multi properties in different geolocations”

“Innform offers great usability and user experience which is important for us seeing that most of our team members are between 25 – 35 years old.”

Sebastian Z. – Director

Monitor progress, save time and lower training costs


Introduce healthy competition amongst your learners by unlocking leaderboards.

Training manuals

Build searchable and interactive manuals for learners to access at any time.

Tailored for groups

Innform can automatically assign onboarding training to groups of learners

Tailored for properties

Innform can automatically assign a set of onboarding training items to learners.

Simple to track

Monitor your learners’ onboarding from the Track dashboard.


Upload existing SCORM courses and quizzes, assign them to learners in seconds.

Integrate, secure and scale

Live support

Real support from real people with instant live chat and email

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Multi-org structure

Set up and manage multiple LMS accounts for sub-organisations

  • Separate company billing
  • Company content sharing
  • Separate branding profiles
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Innform comes with all the features you’ll need, out of the box

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