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Introduce healthy competition amongst your learners and stimulate their learning experience.

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Reward learners with badges, games and more.


Invite learners to join and climb leaderboards alongside their fellow learners.


Reward successful learners with badges when completing training or improving their overall performance.

Quiz Battles

Learners can challenge other learners with quizzes on specific topics whilst fine-tuning their knowledge.

On Demand training library

Set up an on-demand training library for your team to self-initiate courses that are of interest to them.

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Everything you need in one package

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Training points

Tell Innform to award a learner with a specific number of points every time a course is completed.

Interactive elements

Give your learners an engaging training expierience by introducing interactive elements like Hotspots.


Keep learners notified with everything happening in their learning area like when getting a new badge.


Ask Innform to remind your learners in app or via email, every time there is a training deadline approaching.

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