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Change the appearance of your Innform learning experience to match the look and feel of your organisation.

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On-demand training library

Set up an on-demand training library for your team to self-initiate courses that are of interest to them.

White labelling

Customise your Innform account’s look, content, domain names and more to completely white label the platform.

Custom features

The Innform team can work with you to build custom features for you and your team that fit your workflow.

Brand customisation

Update the logo, colours and imagery of Innform so your learners can have an on-brand experience.

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Everything you need in one package

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Innform is completely multilingual. Both the user interface of the platform and training content are multilingual.

Customise email templates

Create and customise the automated emails sent to your learners such as invitation and new assignment emails.

Training categories

Create your own training categories to make assignments, tracking and learning even easier for everyone.


Connect Innform to your existing HR software stack. Automate parts of your workflow to free up valuable time.

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