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Cultural Awareness

As hospitality professionals, we need to have global knowledge to make sure that regardless of…

20 Min


Restaurant Service

This is the perfect introduction course to anyone who is new to the restaurant service world.…

25 Min


Body Language

In this course we’ll be exploring the do’s and don’ts of body language, and view…

15 Min


Start with Wine

Get to grips with the grapes! This short yet immersive course by up-and-coming Sommelier…

30 Min

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Food Safety: Level 1

This is a comprehensive health and safety training. Food Safety 1 is a legal requirement for…

60 Min


Fire Marshal training

Welcome to your Fire Marshal and Warden Training – a course specially designed for people…

50 Min


Equality and Diversity

This course reflects the Equality Act 2010 and introduces the idea of protected…

60 Min


Working in Licensed Premises

Thousands of incidents and accidents occur in the UK each year due to alcohol. Over half of…

60 Min

Innform is CPD certified

Innform’s hospitality compliance courses are certified by CPD. This means every learner that completes a compliance course successfully will be awarded with a compliance certificate.

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