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Allow your learners to seek assistance, clarity and help with their training.

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Select a group of essential training items or categories to pin to the top of your learners’ learning area.


Share important training news or announcements with your learners within Innform.

Discussion boards

Allow learners and admins to start discussions and share thoughts, experiences and knowledge together.


Learners can direct-message trainers or Innform admins whenever they have training questions or other issues.

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Everything you need in one package

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Keep learners notified with everything happening in their learning area such as receiving a new assignment.

Learner feedback

Provide learners with ways to communicate with admins and provide essential feedback.

Learner uploads

Give learners the ability to upload images, videos and files to their discussions and messages.

Welcome message

Include a friendly welcome message when inviting your learners to join Innform LMS.

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