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10 Inspiring Hospitality Leaders All Hotel Managers Should Be Following

Hospitality Leaders

Social media can often feel overwhelming and at time like you’re being inundated with noise. For hotel managers, or any hospitality manager, it can often feel like all that’s out there are influencers who care more about getting the perfect photo of a travel spot, rather than providing content which is truly useful for you. […]

How Video-based Learning Will Upgrade Your Hospitality Training

Hospitality training

The way we learn and process information is changing. Gone are the days where you’re stuck in a classroom reading from a textbox, with zero interaction. Viewing courses on mobile, participating in quizzes and watching videos all accomplish the same goal as the textbox, but make the journey much more enjoyable. Particularly with video, you […]

Essential Hospitality Training Programs That Will Free You From Management Hell

Hospitality training

Management isn’t easy. It’s a demanding but crucial role in any industry, especially when it comes to hospitality. We know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming. As if you’re constantly spinning plates and juggling different tasks to keep your level of service high. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Surrounding yourself with a […]

10 Incredible Bartenders Shaking up Instagram


Whether you’re a seasoned bartender, or a newcomer looking to level up your knowledge, there’s always more to learn! A great way to find inspiration and keep up-to-date on trends, is by following the right social media accounts. With Instagram in particular, there’s a diverse and rich group of bartenders shaking things up. We’ve got […]

5 Ways Microlearning Can Supercharge Your Hospitality Training

Hospitality training

Microlearning is a form of short, focused training that’s usually no more than 5-10 minutes. Typically designed for skill-based understanding and learning, microlearning is a perfect strategy for hospitality training in particular. It’s a learner-centric form of training, delivered predominantly in videos, audio, infographics, etc. Here’s 5 ways microlearning can supercharge your hospitality training: 1. […]

Are My Hospitality Staff Actually Learning on my LMS?

Hospitality training

If you’ve asked yourself this question, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Gauging the effectiveness of your hospitality training and whether or not your staff are learning, is the make or break of any learning management system (LMS). We’ve laid out five key points to help you discover and track the progress of your staff, and […]

5 Tips To Help You Build Better Hospitality Training Quizzes

Hospitality training

Your staff are doing great! They’re diving deep into their new hospitality training tool and learning better than ever. But how can you make sure that they’re retaining what they’ve learned? Quizzes are a great way of not only testing your staff’s knowledge but engaing with them even further. Here are 5 helpful tips to […]

Here’s How You Can Start Hospitality eLearning For Free

hospitality elearning

Hospitality eLearning is a vital part of the industry these days. As everything is becoming more and more accessible, so are learning methods. In case you’re worried about the high prices of eLearning, you don’t have to! We’ve laid out a step by step guide on how to start your eLearning journey for free! Find […]

5 Reasons Your eLearning Isn’t Working – and How You Can Solve It NOW!

hospitality elearning

Isn’t eLearning supposed to be the most engaging way to train staff? Then why isn’t my eLearning working? These are questions that all staff trainers, at some point in time, have asked themselves. Regardless if your company is large or small there are common problems and missteps that pop up when creating and distributing your […]

5 Ways We’re Making Hospitality Training Hassle-Free

Hospitality training

Let’s be honest, at times hospitality training can be a hassle. We’re revolutionising hospitality training, making it simple and hassle-free for everyone involved, bringing it into 2019. We’re making training your staff easier than ever with our readymade premium courses. We offer everything from Food Safety to Bartending Essentials, with easy on-boarding and record tracking […]