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    Online training that works

    • Create, deliver, automate and track your training
    • The right balance of power and easy-to-use
    • Develop learners with an intuitive learning experience
    • The right balance of power and easy-to-use
    • Integrate Innform with your existing HR workflow

    Everything you need for online training

    Assist your trainers

    • Create courses, quizzes, manuals, calls and events
    • Save time by automating training programs
    • Reach out to learners with chat, news and surveys
    • Engage your learners with gamification and more
    • Update logos, colours, and messaging for your learners

    Engage your workforce

    • Multilingual and multi-device training
    • Self-paced training with videos, interaction and more
    • Gamification, social learning and messaging
    • On-demand training libraries
    • A customisable platform with 100+ integrations

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