Unlimited Storage

Enrich your courses, quizzes and classroom sessions with engaging videos. With Innform’s unlimited storage your workforce can always receive all the latest content your learners have to offer.

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Enrich your courses with limitless content

Countless videos

Empower your learners with unlimited video and image upload. With Innform, the sky is the limit with what you’d like to teach your workforce.

Always updated

Never have to pause your learning and development programmes for lack of storage. Allow your team to soar with the latest content.

Designed for HR managers

Our easy-to-use control panel lets you spend more time developing and less time micro-managing your team.

Auto induction

Ditch long inductions, automate the process and track progress

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Courses & quizzes

Create elegant, informative and engaging courses and quizzes

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Performance metrics

Measure and track your global workforce progress

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Mentor training

Harness years of experience, connect mentors with trainees.

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Unlimited storage

Build rich learning experience without storage limitations.

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Bulk import

Save valuable time, import data into Innform in seconds.

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Understand your people

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