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Keep an eye on your employee progress with Innform’s powerful reporting tool. Follow the performance of your global team from one dashboard and identify skills gaps.

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Measure workforce progress globally

Gather data from all regions

Access data from all regions and departments from one dashboard, drill down to individual detail and easily output key performance report.

Monitor individual progress

Identify team members who require one-on-one attention and assign special courses to those who need to close key skill gaps.

Identify skills gaps

Understand what the workforce needs to unleash its full potential by identifying skill gaps and assigning the right courses.

Track adoption & engagement

Know whether your learning and development program is being adopted by your teams and whether the content is engaging enough.

Designed for Line managers

Spend more time developing and less time micro-managing your team.

Auto induction

Ditch long inductions, automate the process and track progress

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Courses & quizzes

Create elegant, informative and engaging courses and quizzes

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Performance metrics

Measure and track your global workforce progress

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Mentor training

Harness years of experience, connect mentors with trainees.

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Unlimited storage

Build rich learning experience without storage limitations.

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Bulk import

Save valuable time, import data into Innform in seconds.

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Real-time reporting

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