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With Innform you can easily create your training content, assign it to your learners in seconds and track everything from one place.

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Create unlimited training modules, quizzes or upload SCORM files

Create courses

Build engaging courses with multiple modules and quizzes. Use text, images, video or downloadable files to make it your own.

Create quizzes

Make your very own quizzes to test your learners. Use multiple choice or open ended questions. Insert them in courses or deliver them on their own.


Put your training on autopilot and win back precious time

Automate inductions with Learning Paths

Assign a sequence of training material to your groups of learners with one click. The training will be delivered automatically and you’ll have full view of progress.

Control your monthly bill ahead of time

Decide when to deactivate your learner’s accounts ahead of low seasons. With Innform you only pay for active learners.


Stay in control of everyone’s training. Train and track people wherever they are

Track learners across multiple properties

Keep an eye on everyone’s progress from one place. Track your learners by country, city, property or by the groups they’re in.

Train staff in groups

Every company is different. Use Innform to organise your workforce into groups, so you can speed up your assignments and tracking.


Start training instantly with readymade video courses

Readymade skills courses

Assign learners with courses instantly. Choose from a growing library of readymade video courses on soft skills, management and customer interaction.

Compliance courses and management

Automate your compliance management by using Innform’s compliance courses and compliance manager (UK only)

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