Features and benefits

Simplified, flexible and measurable hospitality elearning


Simple elearning with an easy course builder, hospitality courses & quizzes and auto inductions.

Ready-made hospitality courses

Start training in seconds with free hospitality courses. (coming soon)

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Super simple course builder

Build engaging courses with quizzes, videos and images

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Automated inductions

Save valuable time by automating your employee’s induction. (coming soon)

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Flexible elearning

Use Innform with your ongoing classroom sessions or involve mentors

Learning Paths

Create a series of courses and quizzes for long-term automated training. (coming soon)

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Classroom mode

Combine the power of Innform with your established classroom training. (coming soon)

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Mentor-based training

Connect experienced employees with ambitious trainees. (coming soon)

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Instant feedback

Understand what your workforce needs with Mood polls and performance insights

Powerful reporting

Access all progress data from one dashboard, track groups or individuals. (coming soon)

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Mood polls

Ask your employees for their opinion on learning and development. (coming soon)

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And there’s more!

Customisation features for global hospitality brands

Global training

Train global teams, monitor progress from one dashboard. (coming soon)

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Branded interface

Use your logo and colors to customise your Innform account and deliver training on-brand.

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Keep your workforce yearning to learn by rewarding progress. (coming soon)

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Integrations that matter

Innform works with most popular platforms, including:

Login via Office 365 & Yammer

Import files from Dropbox

Login via Linkedin

Learn more about your team with our Slackbot polls

Upload files from your Drive

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