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Training For Diversity: Why You Need to Build a Business Case


There’s perhaps never been a better time to fully embrace the benefits of collaboration and inclusion when it comes to overcoming training challenges. Diversity, whether it is present in social groups or commercial enterprises, truly opens us up to different perspectives and raises a broader range of useful questions. It offers the opportunity to consider […]

eLearning For Your Front Of House Hospitality Business

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First impressions count, and when it comes to the hotel and hospitality industry, it’s in your interest to ensure that your front of house team has the skills to provide the best impression of your establishment. You’ve probably found while hiring that some folks are naturals – well presented, great with people and able to […]

Innform LMS Is Gearing Up To Help Companies Impacted By Covid-19 Disruption: Price Reductions, Free Courses And New Features.


Since Innform LMS began helping companies with their online training, we have been made to feel right at home within industries that have for many years cultivated many inspiring businesses, customer experiences and workforces. We feel proud to have partnered with some of the most innovative customer-centric companies, and built some special relationships in the […]

Leverage an LMS Training Strategy to Retain Your Workforce


In today’s hospitality industry, we’re seeing a rapid transformation in the way businesses such as hotels, restaurants and cafes are being run. Economic factors, multi-generational workforces and technology, like an LMS platform, all have their part to play, and to stay ahead in a competitive market, managers, and owner-operators need to ensure that their employees […]

How Generational Differences in the Workplace Impact eLearning

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If you’re doing it right, your hospitality business should look like a pretty diverse workplace when it comes to your staff. It’s in your interest, since the services you provide to your clients will likely be pretty diverse, as will your clients themselves. Diversity can mean all sorts of things but there’s one specific aspect […]

Tips for Excellent Customer Service in the Hospitality Industry

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What’s the one thing about your hospitality business that has the potential to put you streets ahead of the competition? Your location perhaps? Your price point? Well, while those things are important, it’s neither of those. It’s actually your customer service. The type of welcome and service you offer your guests or customers is pretty […]

LMS Internal Marketing: 4 Best Practices to Engage Your Employees

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If you’ve already adopted a learning and development strategy for your company via a LMS, then congratulations – you’ve already taken the most crucial step toward improving your operations. We’re all aware that globally, the hospitality industry is growing rapidly, but of course that means that so’s the competition. Training your staff online through elearning […]